Purchasing Auric Prospector

We support small and medium-size enterprises by making the CRM software available in ASP format, so that their users require hardly any or no tech support on site. The format can let you enjoy the power of a Fortune 500 Customer Relationship Management solution at a fraction of its cost. All you need to do is simply log in to the service whenever you need to use it.

If your business is equipped with an adequate number of qualified and experienced IT professionals, and you feel it needs to be self-reliant, you can opt for an outright purchase format.

Application Service Provider (ASP)

We house the software on our computers and give you 24/7 access via the internet.

Onsite (Software Purchase)

Just sit back and relax,and our implementation team will install Auric Prospector’s online
Salesforce automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software at your site.
Payment Details

Setup fees vary according to the complexity of the engagement

License / User

Pay an initial setup fee and a monthly license fee per user.

Outright Purchase

Purchase the Auric Prospector software and hardware, outright