Quick & Easy solutions for your needs

Auric Prospector exhibits innovative and flexible built-in features that help you manage your processes, contacts, prospects, and
customers easily and efficiently.

From automating your business process to providing a 360-degree view of your customers, the on-demand CRM solution is built to reduce your efforts and save optimum time. Be it forecasting sales, tracking marketing campaigns, or pursuing your leads, it’s just a couple of clicks away.

Auric Prospector acts as a dynamic business management software wherein all your business needs revolving around CRM, marketing automation, contact management, and customer service & support are met on a single platform.
Auric’s is your all-in-one CRM software bridging all your problems with the right solutions.

Explore the features that let your professionals engage with customers effectively and with confidence:
Opportunity/Lead Management
  • Increased Pipeline Visibility
  • View, analyze, and update all the sales-pipeline information of your company in real time.
  • Workflow Automation
  • With online sales force automation, you can design your own workflow flowcharts and automate your sales processes.
  • Quote Generation
  • Design a standard quote template. With the click of a button, generate quote documents for your customers.
  • Structured Sales Cycles
  • Enable the management to control the sales process more effectively.
  • Sales Cycle Steps
  • Create up to 200 sales-cycle steps to manage your pipeline.
  • Track Stalled Sales
  • Automatically track leads through the sale cycle and alert the staff when a lead is stalling.
  • Prospect Holding Pen
  • Monitor contacts and related interactions before an actual qualified opportunity exists.
  • Outlook and Google Calendar Integration
  • Manage your daily schedule with full Microsoft Outlook Calendar integration. Record meetings in Prospector and synchronize with Outlook.
  • Next Step and Task Scheduler
  • Record a “Next Step” for each lead and then manage your daily to-do lists with the Task Messaging Center (also integrated with Outlook).
  • Reassign Leads
  • Quickly assign and reassign leads to sales staff with Auric Prospector’s easy-to-use web interface.
  • Prior Product/Lead ID
  • Find previous purchasers of the product in which your lead is currently interested. Save on design and production time.
  • Recurring Revenue
  • Ability to track and value leads with recurring revenue.
  • Messaging Center
  • System messages and reminder emails to notify the sales staff about the tasks they need to perform.
  • Opportunities/Leads
  • Record-specific business opportunities with your prospective customers. Have up to 10,000 active prospects at a time.
  • Products
  • Define up to 10,000 unique products/services. Allow your sales staff to offer custom products or stick to products you have pre-defined.
  • Marketing ROIs
  • Track the source of your company’s sales through source codes. Focus your company’s resources on those sources that generate the most profitability, cash flow or any other metric.
  • Prospect Progress Tracking
  • Keep a log of interactions (conversations and emails) for each lead. The management can later review the records chronologically to understand wins and losses as well as progress-stalled leads.
  • Chat
  • Communicate with any member of your organization, follow-up better, and solve problems online.
  • Inventory Management
  • Use this powerful tool to manage stocks, parts, and list prices for your quotations.
  • Sales Administration
  • Whether or not it is a part of your ERP, this feature helps you to cover all the sales processes you can control, from purchase orders up to invoicing. It is compatible with other systems or ERPs.
  • Off Line
  • Auric Off Line allows you to access offline functionalities and it performs automatic synchronization.
Customer Service & Support
  • Increased Case Visibility
  • View, analyze, and update all of your company’s customer cases in real time.
  • Workflow Automation
  • Automate customer service processes by designing and implementing workflows.
  • Customer Logins
  • Offer your customers the chance to login, record and track their own customer service issues.
  • Structured Case Cycles
  • Enable the management to control the support process more effectively.
  • Track Stalled Cases
  • Automatically track cases through the case cycle and alert the staff when a case is stalling.
  • Next Step and Task Scheduler
  • Record a “Next Step” for each case and then manage your team’s daily To-Do lists with the Task Messaging Center (also integrated with Outlook).
  • Reassign Cases
  • Quickly assign and reassign cases to your support staff with Auric Prospector’s easy-to-use web interface.
  • Automated Case Emails
  • Design and customize the automated email updates for case status. Case Reason: Track the reasons of your company’s cases. Focus your company’s resources on those cases that are designated a priority.
  • Case Progress Tracking
  • Online CRM lets you keep a log of interactions (conversations and emails) for every case. Management can later review the records chronologically to understand how a case had been resolved.
  • Work Orders
  • From any case you can generate a work order, with or without charging your client, and initiate a purchase process with inventory management.
  • Off Line
  • Auric Off Line allows you to access offline functionalities and it performs automatic synchronization.
List Management
  • List Load & Management
  • Import and manage any list of possible contacts from any database and maintain it until validated. Besides, you can choose a list from contact management to create a marketing campaign list, which can be used for mailing campaigns as well.
  • Prospect Validation
  • Validate any prospect on the list before converting it into a contact and assigning it to your sales team.
  • Campaigning Management
  • Manage up to 10 lists of 1000 records each at the same time.
Contact Management
  • Seamless Contact Data Upload
  • Upload contact information from Microsoft Outlook, ACT!, and other applications allowing you to sync the data on different platforms.
  • 360˚Contact View
  • Gain access to any information relating to a customer’s contact, sales, or customer service.
  • Contact Company
  • Contact companies are your current or potential customers (store data for up to 20,000 contact companies).
  • Contact Management
  • Contacts are the key people who work with or at the contact company. New contacts can be entered through a web page, imported from excel, and updated via automated synchronization from Auric Prospector Offline. Easy searching tools help locate firms and contacts quickly.
  • Sales
  • Control all the sales processes, including Sales Order, Shipping Order, Sales Invoice, Sales Return, and Forwarding letter, originating from any opportunity. Every step in the process, including quotations and inventory, can be controlled and managed.
  • Purchase
  • Control all the purchase processes including Purchase Requisition, Order, Purchase Inspection, and Purchase Invoice, and manage with a workflow that includes Work Orders and Inventory.
  • Work Orders
  • From any case, you can create a work order that will initiate a purchase process integrated with the inventory.
  • Inventory
  • Create any inventory item with or without the price to influence your quotations and sales, inclusive of reorder levels, maximum stock, and stock creation.
  • Account Management
  • You can create and manage any financial account or account head for your sales, purchase, and inventory processes.
  • Finance
  • With your accounts in place, you can create a balance or profit & loss report.
Reporting and Analysis
  • Custom Reports
  • Create custom reports and save the structure for easy running the next time.
  • One-Click Reports
  • Create up to 1000 customized analytic sales, forecast, and staff management reports. Use the 20 standard reports to get started.
  • Microsoft Excel, Power Point and Word Integration
  • All reports were designed to allow easy cut-paste into Microsoft Excel for further analytical study, or Microsoft Power Point and Word for presentations.
  • Track Stalled Sales
  • Automatically track leads through the sales cycle and alert the staff when a lead is stalling.
  • Trend Reports
  • Evaluate pipeline trends by running the trend reports and comparing results over any time period.
  • Loss Reason Codes
  • Track why opportunities are won or lost to improve your win ratio.
  • Open Date Ranges for Reports
  • Select Production Date, Contract Date or Ship Date for each report and maximize Auric Prospector’s information value.
  • Recurring Revenue Forecast
  • Include deals with recurring revenue in your forecast to reflect accurately when the revenue is recognized.
  • Bottom-Up Forecasting
  • Use Auric Prospector’s One-Click Forecasting to generate a bottom-up objective revenue forecast.
  • Contribution Tracking
  • Track your variable contribution by product line, product, sales person, sales location, etc.
  • Security
  • The latest online and database security will ensure the safety and integrity of your data.
  • Encryption
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL 128 bit) encryption safeguards all information passed between your browser and the server.
  • Access Security
  • Define hierarchical group and/or individual access authorization to control record access. It is possible to match your company’s organization hierarchy as well.
  • Purchase Installation
  • Available in purchase format as well as ASP format
  • User Licenses
  • Add or delete user licenses by contacting a customer service manager.
  • Offline Updates
  • Update contacts and leads offline and sync with the system when connected to the internet.
  • Stability
  • The application infrastructure is designed to guarantee 99.5% uptime.
  • Scalability
  • The application design will enable unlimited scalability so the system can grow with your company.
  • Task Management
  • Manage your tasks in one central platform and get an overview of tasks being done without slowing down.
  • Interaction Management
  • Maintain a log of interactions (conversations and emails) for existing and future customers.
  • Chat
  • Send messages and keep the staff alert and up-to-date about the tasks they need to perform