Add-On Services

The value-add services offered by Auric, beyond the CRM sales force automation solution, lets you draw the best results from the system.

With our services, we are intent on creating a glitch-free and tailor-fit CRM solution, so that it wraps around your business and industry requirements easily. It enhances the efficiency of the solution, so that you can channelize your entire focus on building customer relationships, bridging opportunities and risks and help your business grow.

24/7 Support available via email

FAQ Access Online access to FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) answers


Our developers create custom features including the look and feel of Auric Prospector to meet your company’s needs.

Data Import and System Integration

Our development team can build custom interfaces and integrations to allow for synchronization between your current applications and Auric Prospector.

Support – Technical, Maintenance and Customer Care

To ensure your enduring satisfaction with Auric Prospector, Auric Technology provides an array of support and maintenance packages tailored to fit your company’s needs.

Consulting Services

We help you define and document your unique sales process with online SFA. Understanding your sales cycle(s) is a critical first step towards managing your pipeline. Our professional consultants help organizations identify their unique sales cycle(s) and their distinct cycle steps. We work with the management to set an objective win or loss percentage for each step and an expected time to complete.

Implementing Auric Prospector

Simplicity, convenience and ease of use were the driving factors behind developing Auric’s web-based CRM software. Auric’s technology is designed keeping the comfort of users in mind. Our add-on services are also intent on meeting the same objective.

You have the liberty to opt for Auric Prospector’s software, either hosted by Auric Technology as an Application Service Provider (ASP) or installed onsite at your headquarters.

What makes Auric Prospector the best CRM for small business?

a) You need not bear any expensive purchase like software and networking equipment or invest in any hardware setup.

b) The setup process takes nominal time with Auric’s effortless proprietary import programs. The small business software starts operating in the matter of a few days. And for larger organizations with 100-plus sales people, the CRM solution is launched within 30 days.

c) Popular product features like Outlook’s calendar integration, recurring revenue, progress tracking, automated workflow, and increased pipeline visibility makes Auric Prospector the ideal SFA and CRM software.

d) Run the client management software on no internet connection as well. With Auric’s powerful and easy-to-use offline application, you can work with all of your data, anytime. It saves you from the embarrassment of untimely glitches and slow, interrupted or no access to internet connection.