CRM is a philosophy first, then a technology

Customer Relationship Management. Three powerful words crucial to your business!
What do the mention of the three letters – CRM -- bring to your mind? Menus, forms, fields, data entry, data analysis and reports? Technology and software?
Most entrepreneurs view CRM as a tool to better business operations. At Auric Technology,  CRM is all about the customer, followed by the relationship, and then the management. And the technology makes all of this possible. CRM is, before being anything else, a philosophy. It is sadly true that most businesses consider CRM as a technology, rather than a fundamental philosophy.

The guiding philosophy

CRM has to be the core philosophy of business, based on which your strategy is designed, your KPIs are decided, and your software tool is structured. When the priorities get reversed and you care more about the tool and not enough about the customer, there is trouble looming around.
That is why our solutions never look the same for two clients. We have the technology and know-how to get the right things done for you. When we join hands with you it evolves based on your customer-facing philosophy and grows organically to take your business to greater heights. The technology platform integrates all the processes, business rules, workflows and data records to support sales, marketing and customer service operations. This robust support facilitates a relation of trust and mutual respect with the customers, and engages them in an organic conversation. Right perspectives and rightly programmed tools facilitate seamless integration of marketing and sales teams.

Ultimately, if customers love doing business with you, they will continue to do so, and will also bring more customers to you. If they don’t like the experience, they will just go away, and perhaps, their opinions will drive away a few potential clients from you. Therefore, it is important to be smart in understanding the position of your customers in the sales cycle and connect with them appropriately.

Get CRM advantage
There is a whole lot that the software can do for you; but it is you who prioritizes. CRM software can:

  • Create a holistic view of your customer so that you can prepare sales forecasts, reports, loyalty programs etc.
  • Identify potential leads based on buying history and demographics, and also help to identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Improve sales forecasting, help study sales trends and plan marketing campaigns
  • Provide anytime access to customer data from anywhere
  • Increase productivity levels by reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks
  • Enhance faster decision-making by giving reports, graphs, and analyses of customer data in one place
  • Structure unstructured data and integrate the information from multiple sources into a single source
  • Track customer lifecycles effortlessly giving you a peek into buying trends, seasonal buying behavior, and the average time taken to close a sale

To get the maximum out of any CRM system, every business has to put the customer first. Your money and effort has to be invested on a CRM system that can support customer-centricity. The technology part of CRM can provide the tools to make this customer-centric philosophy a reality and ensure customer satisfaction, which, in other words, means success.
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